Why A Steam Mop Will Be Your New Favorite Cleaning Tool?

Why A Steam Mop Will Be Your New Favorite Cleaning Tool

We all know what a mop is. Now, there are mainly two kinds of mops. A steam mop is a mop that uses heat from steam to clean floors and carpets, where a regular mop requires cleaning agents such as bleach or detergent.

Keep up to get the differences in cleaning power between a traditional mop and steam mop. The pros and cons of each are discussed here.

You can decide which one gives the best results and take a decision whether you will change your mop or not. However, you might seek more information from this article on sobevent.com website.

Traditional Mop

Traditional Mop

The traditional mop is now a lot more versatile than it once was, with lots of different shapes and sizes. No electricity is needed here, this one takes it back to the basics. Simply fill the bucket up with your preferred detergent and you’re ready to go.

A traditional mop with a microfiber pad will be quite absorbent. It can hold up water to seven times than its weight. This makes them good for quick cleaning at any moment.

You don’t require any special products for mopping in traditional mops. If you have a mop and a bucket you can mop. You don’t have to buy special floor cleaning products unless you want to. Vinegar, dish soap or even bleach are possible opportunities.

Compared to steam mops, traditional mops do take more work. If you want to remove grime and stubborn dirt, you’ve got to put your back into it. But this scrubbing may actually cause back pain

Traditional mops could be spreading the germs and dirt from room to room as users re-use the same water.

The floor can remain quite wet. Even if you use the right hardwood cleaners, leaving the floor wet will cause damage to your hardwood over time. It can even cause an accident.

Steam Mop

The steam mop is easy to use,  just swish it around the floor and the user can get it spick and span. Steam mops boil water inside the mop’s tank up to around 245 degrees Fahrenheit and then release water vapor onto a mop head. Heat is a powerful cleaning agent because it weakens the bond between dirt and the floor and kills bacteria.

Steam mop for complete cleaning. Around 99.99% of the germs get killed with the heat of the steam. Steam going above 200 degrees Fahrenheit will even kill mites and fleas. All pathogens and bacterial will be cleaned from your floor.

Steam Mop

Steam mops are also eco-friendly. Most models only use water, no chemicals or products. This makes the steam mop safe for children and pets.

Steam mops require electricity or batteries to eject vapor continuously. If your mop requires a constant connection, that means you’ll always need to be near to the power supplier.

The price of steam mop is too much than a traditional mop. However, many come with solid warranties so that if something goes wrong with your mop you can get a replacement

The Decision

Finally, the best option for you really depends on what is most important.  If you’re looking for one that sanitizes your floors and is safe for kids and pets, you should go for the steam mop. However, considering all the facts, for an average person, steam mops will always be the best.

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