I’m Jason Roberts and this is my brief story.  I was born in ’63, during a cold winter in Little Rock (if one could call 23 F cold). I always wanted to leave Arkansas, even since I was a little boy. I thought I would love a big city like New York or at least Houston, which was closer to my folks. Little Rock seemed too little for me. I had a great time at Central High school and at the uni, where I’ve studies applied electronics. For a few years, I did a bunch of everything, from selling stuff, guiding travelers around Cedar Falls, fishing in Buffalo River and even coaching tennis. I got my first (and only) serious job at Walmart, and things were going nicely for me. I have been an active salesman for more than 15 years, and based on my technical background, I got pretty good at this job. Anyway, time flew and before I knew, I got married and had 2 small sun-shines: Dora and Elisa.

The Internet has been one of the main industry pillars in our state since 2000. I started to think about using my skills to participate in this phenomenon. I’ve been struggling to put together this project for months: to make a website that reviews products I also sell in my real life – vacuum cleaners. At the beginning, it was a disaster. It’s pretty hard to get up to speed with everything that is going on. I’ve only recently found a friend (Bodo) that is helping me with everything I don’t know.

But, let’s get back to our things. If you are reading this, then you have to know that I am fully committed to helping you find the best vacuum cleaner that will suit all your needs (or at least, the most of them). Besides that, I’ve been struggling and I’ll continue to struggle to add to this site elementary guides that will help you to clean your home better, faster and easier. Starting with accessories and ending with detergents and cleaning solutions, all the details behind having an impeccable home will be explained here. Moreover, I occasionally like to hold roundup sessions and interviews with established experts that will surely contribute to the utility of VacuumsGuide.com.

The amount of information one can find online is incredible. However, I’ve found a lot of so-called experts that were recommending products that in my opinion are not worth it. My advice to you is to read and listen to a guy that knows what he is doing. My promise to you is that I will provide only honest opinions. Please remember, I’ve been testing, reviewing and selling vacuums for a lot of years (and thanks to my wife – which is not messy but doesn’t do any vacuuming herself, I’ve also been using them a lot). My comparison charts are helping every visitor of this site (and they assist me too) in making the absolute best choice, given certain constraints such as your budget, the type of vacuum your are interested in, your cleaning requirements and so on.

To sum things:

  • I have 15+ years of real life experience in selling vacuum cleaners at Walmart.
  • I have been working at my personal appliance store from Little Rock for more than 10 years. I’ve been selling vacuum cleaners like no other in my town.
  • I love to review key brands and top products. Usually, I don’t review products that I don’t like from the start. That is why I’ll always have something positive to say about a product I review here.
  • I enjoy recognition from various clients and industry experts.
  • I’m still writing my book called the “The King of Appliances” (which I’ve started mote than 5 years ago).
  • I enjoy participating in various fairs and conferences in technology.
  • I easily connect with people, I’m a very social person and I love to talk about everything.